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Primary goal is capital protection. Then positive returns from investments or trading in stocks, futures, bonds and commodities. Quantitative approach for asymmetric results

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20/02/2020: South Africa's Ulitity Co. Eskom says there is high probability that loadshedding will be implemented over the weekend

20/02/2020: Lenovo (992 HK) - Q3 net USD 258mln vs. Prev. USD 233mln, revenue USD 14.1bln vs. Prev. USD 14.0bln, notes that external factors could bring short-term volatility and challenges, expects a China rebound after virus woes stabilise

20/02/2020: Reports of an earthquake in Tokyo Japan, with the epicentre near Chiba, magnitude 4 out of 7 on the Shindo scale

20/02/2020: Japan sells JPY 726.3bln in 20yr JGBs bid/cover 3.99 vs. Prev. 3.83, avg. yield 0.2320% vs. Prev. 0.300%

20/02/2020: China’s smartphone shipment declined 50%-60% during the 2020 Spring Festival holidays due to the coronavirus outbreak. About 60mln smartphones remain unsold, among which Huawei’s devices account for one-third, according to GT citing reports

20/02/2020: Number of people in serious condition from the Diamond Princess cruise ship stands at 29, including one who tested negative for the virus, according to Kyodo citing the Health Ministry

20/02/2020: ASIA-PAC MID-SESSION UPDATE: Stocks wane off highs as optimistic sentiment from Wall Street fails to sustain

20/02/2020: Two passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship have died of coronavirus - NHK

20/02/2020: China reports additional 349 coronavirus cases (under revised guidelines) and 114 additional deaths as of February 19 vs. 1749 additional cases and 136 deaths on February 17th; Total cases 74576 vs. Prev. 74185; deaths 2118 vs. Prev. 2004

20/02/2020: PBOC skips open market operations for a daily net neutral position

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