Francesco Maggioni

Primary goal is capital protection. Then positive returns from investments or trading in stocks, futures, bonds and commodities. Quantitative approach for asymmetric results


Financial institutions

Francesco offers expert, independent advice and sophisticated solutions to financial institutions such as family offices, banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, hedge and mutual funds and state owned entities.

Services offered to financial institutions include:

Non-financial institutions

In the last few years commodity prices and currencies alike fluctuated dramatically making it potentially more difficult to operate in a global market for those companies that didn’t implement strategies to mitigate those fluctuations.

Francesco can also work with non-financial companies to help them in turning those potential costs into additional opportunities.

Services offered to non-financial institutions include:

In this category examples of companies interested in his work are: mining, oil and gas (both extraction and refinery), transportation, agricultural, (precious) metals.

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